Hooray for libraries!

Hooray for libraries!

Taylor grew up in Sarasota Florida, spending her days gallivanting around a farm on the edge of the Myakka State Park. She’s been an avid reader since before memory, preferring science fiction and horror above all other genres, and wrote her first fiction in kindergarten (her teachers may have called it lying but Taylor preferred to call it creative writing).

When Taylor figured out that normal people could be published authors, she decided to do that when she grew up. She joined the US Air Force out of high school and saw much of the United States, Europe, and bits of the Middle East before finally settling down in Utah.

Her first novel, The Herxheim Chronicle: Vorator, is a horror story that takes vampire and werewolf lore to their roots, cutting away the romance and reintroducing the gore and brutality that made these creatures so terrifying.

When she isn’t writing, Taylor spends her time highlighting medical-surgical textbooks, memorizing pharmacological substances, and forgetting to do laundry.

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  1. vicbriggs

    Dear Taylor, thank you for your comment on the Let’s Talk Labels post. I’m not sure if you have been notified of my reply as HR is currently “private”. Wishing you all the best in your endeavours as a writer.
    Warm regards,

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