Writing Guide

Welcome to the Total Noob’s Guide to Writing Fiction (or TNGtWF)!

I’ve been a pretty hardcore grammar nerd for almost my entire life. One of the obnoxious ones who will correct people on their grammar and spelling.

I’ve been scooting around on various online writing workshops for a few years now, and it never ceases to amaze me how many would-be writers don’t know how to write. They’re entirely unaware of the fundamentals of the English language. They can’t spell (and can’t be arsed to pay attention to their spell checkers or pick up a dictionary), they don’t understand proper verb conjugation, and they can’t abide by English syntax rules.

When someone says to me “I want to be a writer but I don’t want to learn about grammar,” it’s the same as them saying “I want to be an astronaut but I don’t want to learn about math.”

I used to not care. If someone said, “u dont need tu rite good to get publihsed, thats wat edators r 4,” I’d just be like, “you go girl” and skip away. Because hey, one less person to compete with. But then I got all altruistic or something and decided to help people. And actually, the people who don’t think they need grammar won’t even read this, so whatever. More awesome grammarness for us!

As I write more articles, I’ll post links to them here. So stay tuned for learny goodness (and silly gifs)!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional grammarian. Nor are grammar rules as concrete as some people think. Therefore, I might publish something here that you or someone you know don’t agree with. That’s great! If you think I’m wrong, please (respectfully) bring it to my attention, and we can discuss. That’s part of the fun!


Unaffiliated Grammar Rants:

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