Flake Update

Hey guys!

I see the last post was when I won NaNo. That was… five months ago? Egads! I had a whole bunch of stuff happen in those months, not a one of which is interesting enough to recount here.

Oh wait, one is. I was a panelist at LtUE in Provo, UT! It was a blast. I just sat one panel, Military in Sci-Fi, and met some really awesome people. I really hope I get to do it again next year!

I’ve been experiencing extreme Creative Writing ADD (it’s not in the DSM), also known as My Muse Is A Dirt Bag Syndrome (MMIADBS). But I think I’ve got him wrangled into submission now! Maybe. He’s double-jointed so he can get out of the shackles sometimes.

Anyway, you should see me around more often now. I mean, as long as Dirt Bag Muse doesn’t…

Oh. No. He got out.

*dons helmet*

*grabs musket*

No sudden moves. Wish me luck.

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