The Herxheim Chronicle: Vorator

Vorator_Website_ImgConnor Lupicini is a man with a secret. In 1945, he escaped from a life of violence and sin, retreating to sleepy Sarasota Florida to hide from his past.

But now, his past has caught up with him. His roommate, medical examiner Brian Jaeger, and local veterinarian Naomi Terwilliger have been caught, too. As his old packmates circle in, Connor must revisit the atrocities of his past if he is to escape the carnage of his future.

Let the hunt begin.




Connor screamed, and he ran at the wall. When he couldn’t climb up it to get to Max, he unleashed his fury on the wall itself. He pounded his fists into the stone, roaring with rage and pain, and he felt his knuckles explode as he drove them into the rock. The pain was excruciating and soon he fell back from the wall, sitting on the floor with his hands up in front of him. They looked like they had been shaped crudely from raw hamburger. Connor gasped in ragged breaths, the pain enveloping his hands and arms in sheaths of agony.

As Connor watched, the blood stopped flowing. His finger bones mended and the skin came together over pulverized flesh. In a matter of minutes, his hands were restored, and he stared at them with horror. If he’d been able to throw them to the other side of the pit, he would have. He scratched at his hands, but stopped when the skin he scraped away grew back in moments.

“Do you see what you are now, Connor?” Max asked.

Connor looked up at Max, holding his hands up before him, as if in supplication. The anger was gone, replaced with fear and the most powerful longing for the past Connor had ever experienced. He took a shuddering breath, just short of a sob, and he mewled, “I want to go back.”

Max shook his head and said, “There’s no going back now, Connor.”

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