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NaNo Day 22

Hey, you remember how on the 21st I didn’t write anything at all?


I did it again.


I have a halfway decent excuse. After 6 months of deployment in some sand-filled shit hole, my husband is home! Hooray! It’s a celebration!

But you don’t have to show Charlie Murphy your titties if you don’t want to.

So anyway, yeah, I spent the day doing family things. Because MY FAMILY IS BACK TOGETHER!!

But uhhhh I’m like 3,000 words behind now. So tomorrow is going to be a crazy write-tastic day.

NaNo Day 21

I wrote nothing today. NOTHING!

Child #1 was sick earlier this week, and she passed it on to Child #2. So I’m in the middle of a cleaning frenzy when I get a call from daycare: “#2 puked all over the wall.”

Awesome. 😐

So I picked the kids up at lunchtime, brought them home, coddled them. And then, since I had to be at the airport at 3am, I took them to Grandma’s house and then returned home to attempt sleep.

Sleep did not come. By that time, it was technically the 22nd, so that’s where my tale ends.

TL;DR: No writing! I suck!