NaNo Day 23

This happened today:

Dirt Bag Muse: “Sup. How’s NaNoWriMo?”

Me: “Oh you know, it’s going–Wait, what are you doing here?”

DBM: “I got a new idea.”

Me: “No.”

DBM: “Do you know anything about Moscovia?”

Me: “What? No.”

DBM: “Well, are you up to scratch on your Norse mythology?”

Me: “Why would I…? No!”

DBM: “How about extensive knowledge of Russian fairy tales?”

Me: “NO.”

DBM: “You might want to start researching, then. HAVE FUN, SUCKA!” *poof*

And he dropped a story idea in my lap. A story of epic proportions, might I add, that really does require extensive, native-level knowledge of Russian fairy tales. So, thanks DBM, for distracting my brain with… extra crap.

However, I did almost catch up today. I wrote so many words! How many, you ask?

3,489 words, for a total word count of 37,043.

And considering that the on-track total word count for today is 38,333, that means I’m only about a thousand shy. Hooray!

I’m going to attempt more writing tonight, but I’m pretty bushed. Maybe I’ll get some down, maybe I won’t. I think 3,489 is a pretty good amount for one day.

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