NaNo Day 14


2,882 words pushed me up to 25,036 words.

To celebrate my halfway milestone, I’m going to leave you with my 25,000th word, as well as give you some visual indications of the scene. Hooray!

25,000th word: Hazara. Which is awesome, because that’s kind of what this entire part of the book is about!

I wish I could say I’m writing in the setting of Bamiyan (the home of the Hazaras), but alas, I am not. I’m in a place that’s not quite as pretty: the provinces of Ghuriyan and Herat.

A village outside of Herat, in western Afghanistan.

Lowlands in western Afghanistan.

Herat Citadel, which has been standing since 330 BC when Alexander the Great was hanging out in the area.

Our intrepid heroine had a run-in with one of these bad mothers.

And also with one of these guys.

1 thought on “NaNo Day 14

  1. jazzfeathers

    Fantastic places. Hey, I don’t think what I know what your story is about…

    And congrats on the halfway crossing 🙂
    I’m past 50k but barely halfway though the revision myself. Trying to keep up the pace as long as I can.


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