NaNo Day 6

Writing, studying, homework, housework. Cycle, take a break, repeat.

I have this thing where in order to do a good job at something, I have to get into “the Zone.” We all have a Zone, right? It’s the place you crawl into that is wallpapered with win, where everything is easy. The Zone is where I do my best writing, my best studying, my best everything.

Sometimes it takes a while to get there. I have to hammer away at my keyboard for 20-30 minutes before I break into the Zone.

Sometimes I just stumble randomly and am sucked into the Zone. And oftentimes, this happens when I don’t have any way to write. While I’m in traffic, for example, or if I’m taking a test. It sucks, because usually I’m ejected from the Zone before I can make it to a word processor.

I get very squirrely when I’m in the Zone and people try to interact with me. I need a sign to hang around my neck: “LEAVE ME ALONE.” No explanation. Just that. I think I’ll add an angry face to it, to drive the point home: if you don’t leave me alone, I will gnaw on your tender soul.

My kids can’t read, though, so the sign wouldn’t help much. Sigh.

I Zoned a couple of times while I was writing, but more when I was studying. I made it to 1,506 words for a total of 10,636. Still ahead of the game!

2 thoughts on “NaNo Day 6

  1. jazzfeathers

    I find that music helps me a lot to ‘zone in’. When I sit at my desk and I listen to the music ‘of my novel’, more often then not I can zone in and write.
    When I was younger and I had less obbligations toward less people, I could zone in in any place at any time,but now most of my zoning in happens at my desk 🙂


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