A Post From the Desperate Depths of Cram-Town

Hiiiii everybody!

Hi, Dr. Nick!

I have been desperately trying to keep my head above water in school. It’s not that the subject matter is hard, because it’s not. I think the faculty is deliberately vague with the syllabus in order to force the students to exercise our critical thinking and problem solving skills, because none of this crap makes sense.

I created several diagrams and charts, but there are still things popping up willy-nilly like the voles I thought I wiped out months ago but are still devouring my lawn.

And the dog does nothing.

Wait, what was I talking about?

Oh yeah, school. Anyway, I’ve hardly had time to shower (seriously) and spend time with my kids (super seriously), so things are starting to fall by the wayside.

It’s like being in an aerostat with a leaky envelope. You’ve got to start pitching things overboard in order to stay afloat, and boy howdy am I pitching. I’ve got this blog tied onto a string so I don’t accidentally throw it overboard, but I’m too busy trying to decide what to throw that I can’t really write quality posts right now. 😦  So for another installment of Taylor Rants About Verbs, you might have to sit tight for a minute. Or two. Or three… thousand.

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