And Now For Something Completely Different

The unarguably prolific Stephen King has oft been quoted as having said:









Okay, I have “write a lot” down pat. Really. Maybe I have it down too well. I think I have it down so much, that the other part – “read a lot” – suffers. I’m an unacceptably picky reader. I spend forever in a bookstore finding new books, and it’s not because I’m spinning in wonder at all the wonderful new books I could read, and the new worlds I could explore.

Yeah, not me.

I’m standing in the aisles, pulling books off the shelves and reading their back cover blurbs, and hating every single one I see.

B&N employees hate it when you throw books out the window.

I’ll either read a book I’ve already read and therefore know is good, or I’ll read something recommended by a friend. That’s why I’m reading Guillermo Del Toro’s The Strain trilogy right now. I never would have picked this up of my own accord, but I’m enjoying it as much as one can enjoy a novelized movie. Which is what it totally is. Also, crotchless vampires.

The Google search for this picture taught me that you can buy a tiny attachable plastic penis for Ken. Thanks, Internet. Thanks a lot.

Anywho, I decided that I need to read more, and that I’d like to actually review the books I read, because I think I’ve reached the point in my life where I feel like I can give good critical opinions about ready-type stuff.

So I set off to Good Reads, where there are eleventy-billion books that I could snap up in five seconds and finish reading before the weekend is over. But then…

“Oh shit.”

And I can’t choose. There are too many choices. A plethora of books.

So I’m going to try to convince my blog readers to recommend books to me that I should read. I have some criteria, natch:

  1. Please don’t tell me to read YA. I really don’t enjoy YA, unless it’s like Hunger Games caliber. If there are teenagers killing each other for sport in YA, then yes, I will read it. Otherwise, I’m gonna go with neewwwp.
  2. I’m okay with romance as long as it’s not Romance. Scifi with a romantic subplot: A-OK. Romance with a spaceship in the background: negatory.
  3. I would really like to read stuff that’s either self-published or Indie-published. If you want to suggest your own book, go for it! But I don’t want an unpubbed manuscript. I would like something with an ISBN, pliz.
  4. Addendum: If you are going to recommend something of your own, please keep in mind that I’m a Grammar Dalek and will exhibit no mercy when it comes to grammar misuse. The severity of my smiting will be directly proportional to the severity of the grammar follies.

Since my goal here is to overcome my pickiness, I’m going to basically read whatever shows up in the comments on a first-post-first-read basis. As long as it’s not YA romance.

Let the book suggestions commence!

7 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Different

    1. Taylor L Scheid Post author

      Hmmm 2 stars on GR… I hope I can get this at the library, because I suspect it’s one I’m not going to want to spend money on. 😛

      Edit: okay, I think I’m going to spare myself the aneurysm this book is obviously going to give me. Almost every single reviewer–on GR and Amazon–describe it as “the worst book ever written.”

      And I’m not spending $30 on the worst book ever written.


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