Periodic Table of Storytelling

So, I love chemistry. And I love telling stories. And once upon a time, thought that these two loves were destined never to meet. *sneef*

But I was wrong!

Enter the Periodic Table of Storytelling!

James R. Harris

The link above the picture will take you to the interactive page. It’s addictive! Don’t go unless you have a bunch of time on your hands, because you’re going to get sucked in.

Trust me.

I tried to apply these storytelling elements to my story to create a chemical molecule. I think I have it down!

So, the structure is Conflict (C).

The setting is Redemption Quest (Rq).

Connor is The Ace (Ace) as well as a Jerk With A Heart Of Gold (Jhg).

And Max is The Manipulative Bastard (Mpb) and a Complete Monster (Mon).

As with most paranormal fiction, the audience is going to have to Suspend Their Disbelief (Sus).

So using the rules of the standard Periodic Table (altered a little bit to account for there being more columns in the Storytelling PT), I came up with this formula:


I might have to work on this a little more, but that’s the gist of it. I wish I knew how to make subscripts!

So what’s your story’s chemical formula?

2 thoughts on “Periodic Table of Storytelling

  1. aubreywynneauthor

    This is fantastic, I love it. And you are right, what a time suck. Just popped in from in Katie’s blog. Looking forward to more of your secrets next week on your writing process.


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