Max’s Lair: Wyoming

When Max moved to America, he wanted to build his home in a completely isolated place so he wouldn’t have to deal with things like neighbors or police or SWAT teams–just in case, you know, one of his victims escaped the dungeon. He chose Wyoming, because back then, the only people in Wyoming were Native Americans, rugged mountain men and (eventually) Mormon pioneers who were really optimistic until the winter showed up.

Max’s ranch is near Rock Springs, but how near? Pfft like I know. He keeps it hidden, and he’s been spending a lot of money buying up all the land that he can. His tiny little ranch house is just a blip on the huge tract of land that he owns.

So, where does the most monstrous creature in the history of Earth call home? Check it out.


The Tetons


In case it isn’t painfully obvious, I took this picture from a moving vehicle. No, I wasn’t driving. I’m crazy, not reckless!


Some lake. I should probably remember which one. Uhhhh Jackson Lake?


The sky in Wyoming is very big, but it’s okay, because it’s also very beautiful.


I took this picture in August but I bet that water is still hella cold.


The view from Mount Somethingorother.


Max would romp through this place with SO MUCH abandon!


Hey, a coyote!


Bye, coyote!


Five dollars to whoever spots the moose!


There isn’t a moose.

Absolutely awful. Max’s evil presence is bringing that place down. It’s like Mount Doom up in there!

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