Human Hero, Monster Sidekick

When I started writing Vorator, I didn’t really know what I was doing or where I was going. The early drafts are soooooo different than the final version (Brian didn’t exist, then he was a girl, then he didn’t exist again).

Once I decided that there would definitely be no romance between the humans and the monsters, it made things a little more clear-cut. Brian was no longer at risk of being turned into a girl, even though that was one of my most frequent critiques. “If you just made him a girl, this romance would read smoother.” “It’s not a romance.” “Oh. Well it should be.”

I designed Brian and Connor’s relationship to be like Jay and Silent Bob: hetero life mates.

But they’re also a little like Sherlock and Watson: hetero crime-fighting roommates.

Although, it’s kind of unbelievable the amount of gay Sherlock/Watson fanfic out there. It must add a whole new facet to the show that I’m completely missing.

I’ve done a lot of stuff in this blog so far about the Vorator, and about Connor, but I haven’t even mentioned the narrator: Brian Jaeger. Brian was very fun to write, and very fun to get into. He’s made up of a number of stereotypes (a religiously-uncertain Jewish doctor, for one) but doesn’t act stereotypically. I guess there’s not really a stereotype for living with a cannibal monster roommate, though.

Brian is an Augmenter of the Feline persuasion, which means he is a) very yummy to the Vorator, b) a direct threat to Cat Vorator, and c) not good with dogs but great with cats. Connor and he met in Virginia when Brian was in medical school, on the side of the road, while Brian was being attacked by another Vorator.

Brian is a pathologist, and works as a medical examiner. It took me a long time to figure out what he did. He didn’t want to tell me. He was originally a veterinarian, and then a paramedic, and then deleted. But when he came back, he decided to play nice. Medical examiner, dark sense of humor, kind of like Connor’s big brother (even though Connor is three times Brian’s age).

Connor is more than capable of living on his own, but he likes living with Brian. Brian is good company when he’s not nose-deep in a medical journal or out running. Brian has become the closest friend Connor’s ever had, and the one least likely to murder someone and gorge on their entrails.

Speaking of gorging on things, Connor does that to their pantry on a regular basis. Brian is thin because he’s a runner, but also because half the time when he goes to the kitchen to get something to eat, Connor already ate it.


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