Back to Reality

I’ve been doing three posts a week for a while now (well, I’ve been making an attempt, in any case), but on Monday my real life is back.

School, ladies and gentlemen. I have school.

My load this semester is a little bit extreme: microbiology and anatomy.

“What?” you ask. “That’s just two classes. That’s not extreme. You’re a weenie.”

In college, it’s recommended that you study outside of class for 2-3 times as many hours as you’re actually inside the classroom. Each of the classes is 4 hours per week, plus labs that don’t actually carry their own credit but I still have to study and do homework for.

So 4+4+1+1=10. 10×2=20. I’ll have to do an additional 20 hours a week of studying, which is about 3 hours per day. And that’s the minimum.

Combine that with taking care of two little kids, writing, keeping up with housework, keeping up with my language skills, exercising, maintaining multiple blogs, and doing other piddly stuff like sleeping, eating and bathing… It doesn’t leave me a lot of time left over at the end of the day.

I’m cutting down where I can, beginning (of course) with bathing. I mean, exercising. Housework is next, followed by blogs, and then writing, and so on.

The moral of my rambly tale is that I’ll be cutting down from 3 to 2 blog posts per week. I’m thinking Tuesday/Friday. That seems well and spread out, and gives me a chance to keep the post content good while still maintaining order in the rest of my life. After this semester is over, I’ll return to posting thrice per week. Hooray!

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