The History in the Books: The Devlin Brothers

I already kind of covered Max in the What’s a Herxheim post a few weeks ago, so I’ll move on to the oldest members of the Pack: Kynan and Madigan Devlin.

A note, before we begin, about names. I’m aware that names have changed throughout history; depending upon the time period and geographic location, a person could have just one name or a dozen. For simplicity’s sake, I’ve given each character a given name and a surname. The given name is usually whatever they were born with (Max being an obvious exception), but their surname is likely not.

Kynan and Madigan were not born with the surname of Devlin. They were born in 30 AD on the island of Anglesey in Wales, identical twins. They grew into large, powerful teenagers and were trained as warriors, and they were very good at it.

In 60 AD, the Roman general Gaius Suetonis Paulinus attacked Anglesey, called Mona by the Romans, in order to destroy the druidic base there. The Devlin brothers fought bravely but were eventually overrun by the Romans.

Max had accompanied the Roman troops, and met Kynan in battle. Kynan was able to slash Max with his sword, which impressed Max. He dragged Kynan away from the battle, but not before Madigan ran to his brother’s aid. The brothers together were still not a match for Max, and he was able to infect both of them with the Vorator Virus.

“The Romans Conquer Britain;” Briton forces meeting the Caesar’s landing forces.

On the empty shores of Anglesey, the Devlin brothers were transformed into the first Canine Vorator that Max had ever produced. For that reason alone, Max chose not to kill them as he had nearly every Vorator before them.

Kynan was horrified by what he had become, convinced that his soul was now shackled to his body and would be unable to reincarnate (Celtic druids believed in a form of reincarnation). He fled Max and Madigan, and Madigan spent years looking for his brother before he finally gave up.

Kynan looped around Western Europe for a time and eventually settled in Ireland, where he picked up the name Devlin to better fit in with his Irish neighbors. He was unable to resist the craving for human flesh, although he kept it to a minimum. He moved every few years in order to mask the murders, and the fact that he didn’t age.

In 1740, Max found Kynan–whom Madigan had long believed committed suicide–living as a potato farmer in Ireland, and married to an Irish woman named Aislin who had no idea what Kynan was.

Kynan suffered from a profound lack of potatoes. It wasn’t THE Great Famine, but it was a Slightly-Not-As-Great Famine Which-Still-Sucked-Terribly-For-Those-Affected.

Max presented Kynan with an ultimatum: return with him to the other Vorator, or he would kill Aislin. In order to save her life, Kynan left, making it appear that he had been murdered so she wouldn’t think he had abandoned her.

For years, Kynan would return to Ireland to check on Aislin, leaving flowers on her doorstep and paying any debts she had. She never remarried and died in 1777. Thereafter, Kynan would visit her grave every year on her birthday to deliver flowers and reflect upon his loss.

Madigan, unlike Kynan, never struggled with his monsterness. He accompanied Max around the world, obeying every command his new master issued.

Madigan has seen a lot more of the world than Kynan, but Kynan is better read and more of an academic than his brother. When Connor arrived in the Pack, Kynan attempted to educate him, but his efforts were mostly met with restlessness.

And who can blame Connor for not wanting a bunch of history lessons? There were lots of people who were walking around, alive, and who really needed to be torn into pieces. He didn’t have time to read books; he had killing to do!

So that’s the Devlin brothers: ancient Welsh warrior twins with very different lives lived. From Wales to Wyoming, and all kinds of places in between.

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