Ug! Urg! Augh!

I done gone and messed up my website something awful.

Through a series of comically-misguided steps, I inadvertently deleted the entire thing.

And by “comically” I mean “seuifgoiuygweiluhqerguhiu.”

I think my subconscious is preventing me from grasping the enormity of what I’ve done, because I haven’t started crying, or banged my head against my desk, or just thrown my computer out the window yet.

I was supposed to post something about Imagine Dragons today, but I’ve been busy undoing my major error. So if I don’t come back for the rest of the week, it’s because I’m very upset with the Internet and I need a break.

Also maybe because a holiday is coming up. I forget what it’s called. You celebrate it by putting your lights outside and bringing trees inside. Then a fat guy wearing red breaks into your house, steals your sweets, and leaves stuff around the tree you have in your living room. It’s crazy, but I get free stuff, so… *shrug*.

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